Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aug 6: Chapter 10 - Victory is Ours!

We arrived on site today to find that Shadrack worked on Saturday and managed to successfully install two new garage doors. Rumour has it that this was SACRO's way of apologizing for being so disorganized at the beginning of the week. Really our suspicion is that Shadrack just wanted to work in peace and without us constantly being underfoot. Regardless, the man is a godsend. With energy to spare we cleaned up the old garage doors and skillfully hung the final two. That makes seven! Mission accomplished!

While the last two doors were being hung the rest of the group cleaned up and disposed of the old garage doors. With Bob and Mirella at the helm the remaining garage door was dismantled. It didn't stand a chance against Mirella, Xena goddess warrior, and her hacksaw.

With the sweet taste of victory still on hand we gathered around the Fat Cakes lady's 'restaurant' for a lunch of curry chicken. Not sure which was better, the chicken or the victory.

The afternoon found us hustling home as we had to prep for our dinner guests. We were thrilled to open the doors of the Road Lodge and host the staff of SACRO. With a variety of appetizers and libations we entertained 9 new friends in an atmosphere of food and friendship. It seems the evening helped the SACRO staff connect with each other. We hope the spirit of the evening lives on. For us it was fun to get to know the SACRO staff in a more social setting as the individuals they are. Their spirit is something that has left a lasting impression on us. Mission accomplished!

Lesson of the Day: You don't have to look very far to find good people.

Disclaimer: Just because there's a fire in the oven doesn't mean the food is going to taste bad. No need to panic!

Anya Malda
DWC Participant 
August 2013, Swaziland

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