Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aug 5: Chapter 9 Part 2 - With Nothing Else to Do...

With the rest of the afternoon open six of the group members decided to hire our friend, Muzi, to drive us to Mozambique for dinner. For the group this makes three countries in less than three weeks. As we travelled to the Swazi/Mozambique border, we experienced one of the most breathtaking sunsets ever. It looked like orange lava burning. And yet ahead of us was this magnificent rainbow. The contrast was inspiring and moving. Nature continues to sing a pretty tune.

Once at the border we were surprised to find that we were meant to have a visitors visa in order to cross. After hitting a roadblock at the counter Muzi used his Swazi finesse and some "international negotiating skills" to secure our safe passage.

As we progressed to our dinner destination on the ocean we witnessed some of the most heartbreaking poverty most of us have ever seen. It almost made Swaziland appear 'rich.' Almost. In spite of the living conditions the people of Mozambique continue to make their own music being small scale business owners who are using their skills to provide the necessities of life.
After a few more hiccups along the way we finally arrived at a hopping seafood restaurant on the ocean's edge. While eating some fresh delicious seafood we reflected on the experiences of the day. There was no BIG RED COUCH available so the BIG GREEN PICNIC TABLE had to do. With our friend Muzi sitting at the head of the table we shared our own sounds of the day and made beautiful music by the ocean side.

Lesson of the Day: There is no greater teacher in life than life itself.

Disclaimer: Who needs a passport? I am a passport. Thanks Muzi!

Anya Malda 
DWC Participant 
August 2013, Swaziland

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