Thursday, August 1, 2013

Aug 1: Chapter 5 - Patience is a Virtue!

We arrived at the job site this morning geared up and ready to go  We had high hopes of accomplishing the installation of at least one garage door and unfortunately were met with some frustrations. The local handyman that SACRO had initially hired to assist us on Monday, in fact failed to show up at the job site.  So out of frustration and with good intentions we attempted to complete our original goal, one garage door...perhaps not the best idea.

After several unsuccessful attempts and with the arrival of our new best friend, Shadrack, we cleaned up the mess we had made.  And we have high hopes (yet again) for tomorrow.

Lesson of the Day:  Pack a little patience.  Be sure to pack a little more.

Disclaimer:  Our parents have taught us to leave a place better than you found it; we failed to do so today.  Our optimism has not yet been snuffed out and we hope to do better tomorrow.

Chapter 5: Part 2 - Food for Thought

We had the pleasure of having a guest at dinner tonight.  Sibusiso, the Social Worker at SACRO.  He joined us for a traditional Italian dinner complete with garlic bread.  Before, during, and after dinner we discussed a variety of topics related to life in Swazi.  It was fascinating to hear about politics, cultural practices, and social issues that affect the quality of life here.  It was our own little cultural exchange of information and ideas.  It seems we both learned a lot. In fact, phone numbers were exchanged.

Lesson of the Day:  The sharing of food is a common experience across all cultures.  Our 'family' adopted another member tonight and we feel like we've been adopted in return.

Disclaimer:  Nothing to disclaim!

Anya Malda
DWC Participant
Swaziland, August 2013

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