Thursday, August 1, 2013

Aug 2: Chapter 6 - The Sweet Smell of Success...and Fat Cakes!

What a fantastic day! It began with a few of us participating in Bob's Bootcamp as we waited for the work to begin.  Don't let his sweet smile fool you; the man is a Drill Sargent.

Shadrack arrived and the work began in earnest.  With plenty of tools, plenty of know-how, and plenty of strength we successfully installed two functioning, lockable garage doors.  HOORAY!

As different members of our crew worked on the installation of the doors, other members successfully supported a neighboring business owner by purchasing her delicious Fat Cakes. The sweet smell of Fat Cakes lingered over the work environment to the point of distraction.  Numerous trips were made to purchase the local delicacy as a way to sustain our energy level.

The spirit of success continued throughout the day.  A couple of field trips to Bolts and Nuts Hardware also led to successful interactions with local textile owners and a seamstress.  By next Tuesday Mirella, Chris and myself hope to be wearing original Swazi-made skirts.  Check us out next week on the runway. 

As the afternoon progressed with a second garage door being completed, an intense game of board-pong (our word for the game, not theirs) ensued.  The game was highly competitive, required expert eye-hand coordination and the winner was our eight year old Swazi friend, "Clay."

At the end of the day we cleaned up our mess, pre-ordered lunch for Monday (always thinking ahead) and high-fives were given all around.  We stood back and admired our work feeling satisfied and actually looking forward to garage doors three, four, five, six, and seven.  We felt good about putting in a full honest day's worth of work.

Lesson of the Day: Success comes in many forms and is somewhat dependent upon your outlook and expectations.

Disclaimer:  Although Bob is a Drill Sargent at Bootcamp, he has the tendency to get involved very deeply in his work. The first aid kit is never far away.  

Anya Malda
DWC Participant
August, Swaziland 2013

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