Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29th: Chapter 2 - The Wild Side

We woke this morning to a breakfast of champions prepared by Chef Tommy (credits for toast preparation to Sous Chef Mirella). Gourmet style eggs with mushrooms, onion and asparagus set the tone for the day and the bar for the next two weeks.

Our day on the wild side started with typical Swazi style transportation - a ride in the back of a pickup truck. Displaying our exceptional form and agility nine of us were seated snugly in the back on top of bags of donations (can you say squeezy squeezy?) We again had a 'ten minute walk' (in reality a twenty minute drive) through the city to the project site. SACRO - Swaziland Association for Crime Prevention and the Rehabilitation of Offenders will be our work home for the next two weeks. We had a warm welcome and lovely tour of the site and we look forward to an opportunity to help them in their vision and mission work.

Then we were off to the much anticipated Candle Factory finally! In keeping in lines with our walk on the wild side we explored the local craft market full of wood carvings, batik, woven goods, and CANDLES in various sizes, shapes, and animal prints (compliments of Chris, which we currently have burning on the coffee table in front of us as we lounge on the BIG RED COUCH).

Today, lunch too was on the wild side. On the way to the animal sanctuary we made an impromptu stop at a roadside market and ordered bbq chicken off the open flame of a homemade Big Green Egg. The eight of us sat in the van and mauled apart the carcass of several fowl. It was better than 'finger lickin' good,' so there Colonel Saunders! Thank goodness for hand wipes.

We arrived at the Milwane National Big Game Sanctuary and continued the walk (or bike ride) on the wild side. I was so impressed to see two of our other team members tap into their personal wild sides by spontaneously upgrading to the biking tour. It proved to be full of twists and turns, highs and lows, and laughs and scrapes. Highlights included jumping impalas, zebras, hippos, the hibernating crocodile on Crocodile Island, and the ever popular warthog. To celebrate that no one became prey while touring we shared various libations at the Hippo Haunt.

With another stop at a local craft market full of typical hand crafted items for the typical tourist we headed off to Sheba's Rock for a tamed-down version of dinner. Internet finally! After much conversation about the day's events and another round of libations we headed for the BIG RED COUCH in our evening attire.

Lesson of the Day: Look where you want to go and commit! Hold on and smile. Take a risk and you'll be fine.

Disclaimer: The names of the animals have been omitted to protect the innocent. This entry was yet again another group effort.

Anya Malda
DWC Participant
Swaziland, July 2013

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