Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 2011: Message from the family

This morning, DWC Team Leader Rob Plowright received a message of thanks from Lindewe, one of the many people the ASK Wellness Team were able to serve during their time in Swaziland. Here is what was written:


ROB I was so happy to meet a hard working team like your team . They were really so good to me and my ladies. and we wish to see them again. ROB, I really dream of good things for that kitchen though sometimes I have challenges, but for my community I'm sure of helping them fully, and I always think the beginning of it that we worked so hard for it with the DWC volunteers so I always say it must not fall on my hands. So ROB you must always remember that hard working people in that kitchen.

ROB, oh our garden is so good we water it every day now is green growing very well , but the water is finish now in the tank. We have not yet started to cook for the children because of the water. The kids are back, I'm so happy about that I'm taking care of them. Please tell the DWC Volunteers about that kitchen, how it works. so that they must know that their money was not thrown away. We wish you to help us again.

The ladies are greeting you too. I WILL send a picture for the garden to see how good it is.



SOS Children's Village
Swaziland 2011

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