Tuesday, September 13, 2011

August 2011: Swaziland Outreach


Our first day of Outreach in Swazi was nothing less than mind blowing. We went into a small rural community that is just outside the limits of Mbabane. This is one of 5 communities that SOS are working with. The village rests on the side of a mountain and the weather changes quickly and dramatically. I never thought I would have regretted not packing mittens and toque for Africa but I did.

We met our community outreach contact Jahbu and she took us to 4 families that she works with. As we travelled to each house the conditions became worse. The poverty that resides in some parts of Swaziland is unbelievable. The families we met all had lost the parent or parents. So the family was left to struggle on their own. The level of desperation changed with each household. The most common issue for all of them is hunger. There is simply is not enough food. There is little money and 80 percent of Swaziland is unemployed. I wont lie. When we got back to our hostel I cried for quite awhile as I realized how much I have and how much we take for granted every day. Simple things like toilet paper, soap, food.....heat.

Kira Gosselin

DWC Participant
ASK Wellness
Swaziland 2011

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