Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2011: Only 11 more days till departure

So, just a quick update... we're off to Swaziland in 11 days!!! We're all getting super-excited about the trip. One or two of us are losing some sleep worrying about details (not that I'm mentioning any names Cheryl...) but the general atmosphere is one of anticipation. For my part (and I know a couple of others) the worst fear I have is being cooped up on a plane for sooooo long. I mean, if memory serves, between our two flights we end up spending about 19 hours in the air!!! Thank the powers that be we actually have a lay-over in London to break it up a bit. I know we are all in for what will be a life changing adventure and that we will create some wonderful memories and friendships that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. I think if I can make just one of those children smile and laugh I'll have gotten more out of the trip than money can buy... and I'm pretty sure we'll have a lot of laughs, myself and the little ones that is. On a more serious note I expect that we'll all gain some serious perspective on how lucky we are to be Canadian and how silly some of our day-to-day worries are. I mean we might worry about what we're going to have for supper and whether we'll enjoy it on a given day whereas; they may worry about if they'll have supper on a given day. We, as an agency, may work with the relatively small (albeit still too high) percentage of people in our community who deal with HIV/AIDS whereas; we will meet children who have lost their whole families to the epidemic. Please don't mistake this as my belittling the plight of those in Canada and here in Kamloops who live with or are directly affected by HIV/AIDS. I am only speaking of how we, as professionals who work at an ASO and as human beings in general, will gain perspective and compassion and empathy through our experience abroad which I feel certain will improve the work we do here at home...

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Dan McGowan

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