Friday, August 19, 2011

August 17: Project Update

I have a minute at the SOS Village so I thought I would send a quick update about the projects and what we have done to date.

Garden project : planted 100 spinach & 100 cabbage plants in a large plot. Then filled and laid out 111 large planting bags and planted 500 onion, cabbage, & spinach plants. We are returning to build a compost box next week, Bruce is writing instructions for them.

Preschool: walls will be finished today, so we are donating 400 vegetables that we will plant.
Outreach group: Bob is trying to teach then how to use cold frames so they don't have to buy starter plant. Kira is off to an SOS Camp for two days.

Tons more to report soon!!


Rob Plowright

DWC Team Leader

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